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April 25, 2009

Dupont Tyvek Barrierman Overall

Posted in: Body Protection,Featured

789938_tyvekDupont Tyvek Barrierman Overall features an inherent barrier through entire fabric, not by lamination
Dupont Tyvek Barrierman Overall are made from Tyvek™ material – ideal for both hazardous aerosols and non-hazardous liquids, dusts and particles and it have great comfort in breathability
Comes in the sizes of M, L, XL and XXL also with the colour White

  • Tough tyvek combination zip front and hooded overalls are lightweight, breathable and soft while still offering excellent protection against lead dust and radioactive dust
  • Elasticised hood, wrists, ankles and sewn seams enhance fit and increase suit strength
  • Suitable for asbestos removal and pharmaceutical manufacture

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