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A young operator working in a factory recently has one of her hands cut off by the rotating blades while she was trying to pick up something from the moving machine.  Being young and enthusiastic in building her career in the manufacturing industry, she has been a working example for the rest of the workers and the company is reviewing her performance thinking of promoting her up to supervisory level soon.

The accident happened when she saw something not supposed to be in the processing line, spontaneously, she used her fingers to pick it up.

She might have been doing the same thing in the past quite a few times and no one has ever warned her about the danger of doing that.

This time, however, she was not so lucky. Her fingers somehow were caught in between the moving blades and without knowing what was happening, her hand was pulled in and cut off by the moving blades.

This scenery may not entirely be imaginative.  Similar incidents could have happened in your area.

The story goes on. Knowing the operator’s family well, the factory manager has a real difficult time to tell her father who feels proud about his young daughter.  Although there is compensation from the workers’ insurance, the girl has to live a life from now on with only her left hand.

Investigation subsequently may review that the operator has not attain safety training course while working in the factory because the company does not have a written safety training program. It is not uncommon among many factories that safety training will only be given once in a while to fulfill the requirements imposed by the local authorities.

How do you feel, if this tragedy happen to you or on someone you dearly love?

Such accident could have been avoidable if

    1. There is a guard on the moving blade making it inaccessible by hand.
    2. There is a warning safety sign – Danger, moving blades, no hand!
    3. There is safety training program running to train her before she starts working. There are also subsequent refreshment trainings to refresh her safety awareness and alert.

Many things, you just can not learn by mistake. It is just too costly and painful.

So, if you are a fresh school leaver or graduate, joining a factory or workshop, anxiously looking forward to build your career in the organization, you must attain all the safety training courses provided by the company, if your employer does provide such trainings. If they do not, ask for it. You simple do not want any accident happens on you.

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