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pvaAnsell Edmont PVA gloves are polyvinyl alcohol coated organic solvent resistant line gloves. It resists strong solvents including aromatics, aliphatics and chlorinated, the types that quickly deteriorate rubber, neoprene and PVC gloves
Ansell Edmont PVA gloves are very comfortable where it weighs only half as much as neoprene coated gauntlet. It has curved, preflexed fingers and wing thumb fir the hand naturally and work easier and it has interlock knit lining provides greater flexibility
It’s length are 14” and comes in size 9.

  • Lasts 10-15 times longer than any other coating.
  • Easier to manipulate and less tiring to wear.
  • Virtually no absorption or extraction, no swelling or shrinkage to cause glove to degrade.
  • Soft two-piece knitted liner, cushions the hand and absorbs perspiration
  • Quality of manufacture guaranteed.
  • Exceptionally light and flexible.
  • Permits quicker and more certain handling.

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