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scorpioAnsell Edmont Scorpio Neoprene Coated Gloves offers a  broad spectrum protection for wide range of chemicals including oils, acids, solvents and caustics. It has :
Excellent dexterity – interlock knit lining and flexible coating stretch to provide snug fit
Excellent grip – dipped rough finish makes handling wet, slippery materials easier and safer
Comfortable – 2 piece lining eliminates seams from working areas to prevent hand irritation and premature wear through

Ansell Edmont Scorpio Neoprene Coated Gloves comes in 2 lengths: 12” and 14” and size 9.

  • 100% liquidproof. Soft stretchy knit liner with no seams in working area.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear. Cushions the hand, absorbs perspiration and prevents chafing.
  • Quality of manufacture guaranteed.
  • Class III product (protection from mortal risk).
  • Added forearm protection.
  • Excellent wet grip.
  • Safer handling means increased productivity.
  • Exceptional flexibility.
  • Easier to manipulate, less tiring to the hand and easier to get on and off.
  • Neoprene coating.
  • Wide ranging chemical protection.

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