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8051AOSafety 8051 Organic Vapors cartridge are approved to provide respiratory protection against organic vapors

  • Compatible with all 8000 series respirators.

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3 Responses to “AOSafety 8051 Organic Vapors cartridge”

  1. Ron Sterba Says:

    Will 8051 guard against vapors of spray paint for auto or plane painting? If not, which one would be safe? Is 8051 a guard against more dust than vapors?

    Thanks Ron

  2. Alan Chai Says:

    Yes, 8051 can be used for respiratory protection against organic vapor generated from spray paints that contain organic solvents. They can be used on either half face or full face respirator.

    8051 is for vapor, not for dust. If you need protection for both organic vapor and dusts, you can add on a N95 (for non-oil based dusts)or R95 (for oil based dusts)pre-filter secured by a pre-filter clip.

  3. Louie Says:

    Where do fine the replacement cartridge. 8051 P100
    Prod Cde 50533-00000

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