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solopolStockhausen Skin Cleaner Stoko Solopolis for medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt with excellent skin compatibility. Stockhausen Skin Cleaner Stoko Solopolis contains all-natural walnut shell scrubbers. Packaging comes in 250ml tube or 2 L bottle

  • Extract of the plant featuring exceptional care properties and ensuring optimum skin compatibility
  • Pleasantly smooth skin feel both during and after use
  • Demonstrably suppresses the occurrence of skin irritations
  • Exceptionally kind to the skin
  • Does not block drainage systems.
  • 100% biodegradable. Does not inhibit waste water treatment.
  • Renewable raw material, therefore does not pose a threat to our environment in any way.
  • Treatment of scrubbing agent means no potential to cause allergy, including nut allergy.
  • Helps to stop the skin swelling, such as may frequently be observed where soap is regularly used
  • Helps to maintain the natural acidic protective mantle, whose function includes protecting the skin from bacterial and fungal infection
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • Can be used in a whole range of production processes
  • Contains skin protectant EUCORNOL®
  • Contain PALINOL™
  • Contain extremely fine granulated bio-scrubbing agent ASTOPON®
  • Powerful cleansing action

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