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travabonStockhausen Skin Protection Stoko Travabon is ideal for use when exposed to non-water based works, dirt, grease and oil. Stockhausen Skin Protection Stoko Travabon is specially formulated to suspend dirt and oil for easy clean-up, when applied before work. Packaging comes in 100ml tube or 1L bottle.

  • Facilitates cleansing of the skin thanks to soil suspending emulsifiers
  • Enhanced protective action through skin protection pigments
  • Ointment (suspension)
  • Water-soluble
  • Oil-free
  • Helps to stop stubborn types of dirt clinging to your skin
  • Quickly and gently clean your skin
  • Reduce the amount of skin cleanser required
  • No longer essential to use special skin cleansers
  • Enhanced protective action when handling oily workplace substances
  • Helps to stop dirt clinging to the skin (e.g. resins)
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Minimizes the risk of dry skin
  • No adverse effects when coating surfaces
  • Greater safety when handling water-insoluble workplace substances

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