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stoko-emulsion-group-1Stockhausen Skin Protection Stoko Emulsion is a lotion for use under gloves and personal protective equipment.It helps the skin feel more comfortable when wearing gloves or doing friction and wet work and also applied to the skin exposed to fiberglass, when used before exposure. Comes in 250ml or 1L bottle

  • Helps protect the skin from softening under gloves
  • Makes skin cleansing easier where there has been exposure to dyestuff contamination
  • Contains EUCORIOL® skin protectant
  • Lotion (O/W emulsion)
  • Slightly oily
  • Astringent properties toughen the upper skin layer(horny layer), thereby reducing swelling when working in damp or wet conditions and making the skin more
  • Resistant to mechanical stressing, such as when handling glass fibre
  • Helps to keep stressed skin healthy
  • Is suitable not only for hands and face, but is ideal for the entire body as well
  • Very good skin compatibility
  • Can be used in a whole range of production processes

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