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You are the owner of a factory and have spent money buying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety spectacles, goggles, earplug, earmuff, respirators etc but still find that the safety standard of your factory is not improving because the workers do not use them in a satisfactory manner.

You feel that money spent was not justified because your workers are just too reluctant to use them even though you have told them to use them properly for their protection.

Do you wonder why?

The main reason, as I see it, is that you do not have a written safety programme for your factory. Without a written programme, you, your company, your management and the end users – your workers, are not committed to improve the safety standard of your factory and for the sake of their safety and health.

You may have trained the workers when issuing them the PPE but such training soon are forgotten and you find most of the PPE issued is out of their proper places. It is not uncommon finding that wrong cartridges or filters are used on the respirators for the protection required. Asking the users why and the answers are always “I do not know”, or “They just give me these so I use them”.

Question: Can all these be eliminated so that everybody involved will be happy about using PPE?

Answer: YES. It can be done provided you do take the trouble to write you own safety programme.

Question: Your next question could then be – I do not know how to write a safety programme and I do not want to pay a large sum of money for someone else to write one for me. Consultant fee is expensive.

Answer: In fact, you can write you own safety programme if you want to and you do not have to ask a consultant to do that for you. An experienced sales person on PPE should be able to help you with all the information you need to write the programme.

It is within our package of supply and service that when we deliver PPE to our customers, we would like to make sure that they know how to use them properly. The safety programme will normally be introduced to them during the product training and it is up to the management to decide what to incorporate into their safety programme.

Such training is free of charge for our customers if you are operating in Kuching, Sarawak or somewhere near. You can contact us for more information about our service.

At the meantime, you may check on our website for more articles on safety programme from time to time.

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